Hand Forged Brand Experiences

H55 is a brand imaging and design studio based in Austin, Texas. The H55 name pays homage to founder Jay Haines’ family heritage of crafting custom handmade cowboy boots under the moniker Haines Boot Shop (circa 1955). H55 doesn’t make boots, but we do create hand forged brand experiences for clients big and small, powered by hard work, craftsmanship, quality customer service and a lot of barbecue.

We strategically remain a boutique, yet hyper-responsive agency for one reason: to better serve our clients. Our clients’ projects will never be delegated to our “b” or even “c” teams… because we only have one core team… and we believe it’s all “a”. But how can H55 provide the big agency fire power? It’s pretty simple. It’s on demand. We have developed an extensive community of individuals and other like-minded nimble artisans, allowing us to partner with some of the most talented people around the globe at a moments notice. Therefore, our clients don’t pay for any grandiose agency overhead, a revolving door of employees or entire departments they don’t need.

We are some of the most loyal, hard working, and passionate individuals in the business, who love the people we work for and are truly invested in their products and services… because at the end of the day our clients’ business is our business.